Activities near Camping 2000

Things to do near Camping 2000

Hiking and riding a scooter

There is not only a lot to see but also a lot to do. Nearby is the Jested mountain. Here you can walk with the whole family. The walking route takes about 2.5 hours if you are walking with small children. The route is marked with a red-white-red marking on poles, trees and houses. Once at the top you can rent a scooter, which will take you down the mountain back to the campsite. You can park the scooter at the campsite at the reception, which will then be picked up by the scooter rental company. Other routes can be found in the “Komoot” app. You can download this on your phone and plan some routes before your holiday starts.

Water sports

Straz pod Ralskem and the 3 lakes at Hamr Na Jezere are about 15 minutes from the campsite. One of the lakes has a beach where you can go with the whole family. Another lake is used for fishing. And one is suitable for water recreation, such as water skiing & windsurfing. You can also canoe between the lakes on the Ploucnice between rock formations.

The Ploucnice is a small river that comes from the Jested and runs past the campsite. You can walk to the stream 5 minutes from the campsite. It is quite easy to find, if you leave the campsite at the front and turn left then continue to the last house on the corner and walk into the woods here.


A cycle route runs along the Ploucnice stream. The cycling route is called Ploucnice and can be found if you google “Cyclostezka Ploucnice”. Besides walking and renting a scooter, cycling is very popular. There are many cycling routes in the area, maps are for sale at the reception, but the routes can also be found online.

Shopping or dining out in Liberec

In Liberec, a fairly large city that is about 30 minutes from the campsite, you can go to the Dinopark and shop in one of the shopping centers: Gecko, Nisa or Plaza. Large supermarkets can also be found here: Lidl, Globus, Kaufland, Albert and Penny Market. The easiest way is to type the name in Google Maps.  

There are various things to do in Liberec:

  • Visit the city of Liberec: The city is known for its historical buildings, the town hall, as well as its culture and shopping opportunities.

  • Go to the Jested Viewpoint: This is a famous radio tower viewpoint with a restaurant and hotel on top of the mountain. From here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the area, and you may also see the campsite.

  • Hiking on Krkonoše Mountains: This is a beautiful national park with mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, ideal for walking, cycling and picnicking.

  • Visit the zoological and botanical garden in Liberec: This is a fun activity for families with children, where you can see various animals and plants from different parts of the world.

  • Visit the town of Jablonec nad Nisou: This town is famous for its jewelry industry, with many shops and factories where you can buy jewelry.

  • Visit the town of Frýdlant: This town has a beautiful historic center with beautiful buildings and a beautiful castle.

These are just a few examples, there are many more activities you can do in the region around the campsite.

On Tripadvisor   you can see all the activities of Liberec. The easy thing about this is that it can be viewed in your own language.
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